Beast of the East 2

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February 07, 2016 08:00
121 Webster Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150, USA
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  • Sunday Morning February 7th 

    Check in will start Sunday 2/9/16 at 8am - event starts at 9am

    Beast of the East 2
    Only ONE can wear the Crown...

    Beast of the East 2
    Only ONE can wear the Crown...

    Part 2 of NEPL Combine XI weekend is for the player that may already be on an established team but is looking for THE pro clinic to help sharpen your game. Greenspan, Ryan, Slowiak and Fedorov will take you through their teams pro drills and not only help you tighten up that individual game - but you could just prove that YOU in fact the BEST player in the Northeast.

    The Beast of the East event is an offshoot of the Combine meant for the more advanced players who may already be on a roster. It’s part clinic and part competition taking the long standing one on one event the Combine is known for and elevating it next level. This part of the Combine will not only amplify your skill set but will pit you against other players all improving on theirs by use of some of the biggest names in the business. Who’s time with Greenspan, Ryan, Slowiak and Fedorov will be the best spent? Only one way to find out, through sets of drills and challenges that will separate the men from the boys.

    The beasts that make the first cut will compete in a series of One vs Ones to determine this years Beast of the East, one overall winner will be crowned but it doesn’t end there. Not only will the Beast be crowned with a Custom Personal Beast Jersey, but they will take home:

    With 24 participants: a Vanquish 2.0 OR with 32 Participants the new Limited Edition Boston Paintball Twister CS1

    Have a Beast in mind? Fields & stores are encouraged to sponsor their chosen Beast and send them into battle.

    Teams like Preferred Mob and the Bay State Bandits have their guys signed up because they know how beneficial this event was to their players last year. Registration closes Monday Morning!

    Your $149.99 + tax Entrance fee Includes:

    Time with each Pro with Drill, Instructions
    Competitions, Scrimmages
    Beast of the East Swag Bag
    Case of Empire Paintballs
    Autographed Combine X Mini - Poster
    Entrance into the 2015 Awards Ceremony Pro SuperBowl party at the Greatest Bar @4PM

    Want a Boston Paintball New England Style Jersey too? $199.95

    Check in will start Sunday 2/9/16 at 8am - event starts at 9am



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  • February 07, 2016 08:00

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